These are links to some friends and places and other related sites we thought you might like. Just click anywhere on the link and off you'll go...Please note that each will open in a separate browser window. 

Me & You Bracelets  Lisa's One-Of-A-Kind Bracelets in 3 Styles! You design your own "Me", "Me & You", "Me & Sister", "Mommy" or "Grandma" bracelet. 10% of the proceeds go to charity!

Larry Mitchell  Online Friend, guitar virtuoso, recording artist and producer, Larry Mitchell's website. 

Long Island Music  Scene Newsgroup covering the LI original music scene.  

 Seth Davis   Singer/songwriter, legendary open mic. host & friend. Seth has a beautifully designed website. 

Steve Booke  Acoustic guitar master, sometimes *Solstar* lead guitarist, long-time friend of Lisa and the band. Steve Booke has a website that every guitarist should visit.

Randy Jackson/Zebra  Famed 80's Zeppelinesque band with such hits as "Tell Me What You Want" *Solstar* has opened for. Randy has also been instrumental in raising money for Hurricane Katrina. 

David Wilcox  An amazing storyteller and singer/songwriter/guitarist. A must see! If you know what a capo is, you've never seen one used quite like this! 

David Race  His fans have come to love his smart, edgy, and inventive comedy. His material is dark, and sometimes even evil, without being blue. A real entertainment personality! 

Alan Cohen  An amazing spiritual author, speaker and site. Please subscribe to the monthly newsletter and daily quote. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer  An inspiring spiritual author, speaker and site.

Don Turner  Are you a Psychadelic Furs fan? Do you love the 80's? Then you really must check out Don's website. He has eclectic lyrics, a wild sound and a great sense of humor! He's also a great guy and is a must-see live as well! 

Garth Michael McDermott  Just a great singer/songwriter guitarist with his own original style & amazing music & lyrics. 
Hahn  What a trip! That's all I can say. O.K. well, maybe I can say she's one of the funniest people I know. If you want great comedy and some crazy funny stories, go see Hahn in action! Her M.C. and sidekick Arielle is hysterical too! Enjoy! :-) 

Separate Ways  The ultimate Journey tribute band fronted by none other than the infamous Danny Gagliano! 

Room To Grow  This is an awesome site created by my friend and amazing writer Bobby Newman. He writes creative and enlightening books on such topics as behavior issues, autism, and the inherent worth and dignity of each human being. Please visit and recommend his site to your friends and family

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