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Sourcerer ~ Lisa's most recent release... A hand-picked blend of eclectic acoustic songs, this CD takes each song and creates the perfect backdrop of music to illustrate the lyric. Sit back and enjoy this thought and feeling provoking record.


Nature of the Sol ~ Lisa's debut solo CD..."Nature" is a mix of eclectic acoustic, and live studio band works. It's a blend of styles and sounds in a raw form that really delivers the essence and expression of each song.


Solstar ~ This is Lisa and her band *Solstar's* debut CD. Lisa calls the style "groove-rock". It's melodic rock with an edge you can groove to and lyrics that move you.

T-Shirts are $15.00
at the live shows.

This logo T-shirt, designed by Lisa and drawn by the amazing Andrew Boynton, is a circle of stick figure people of all different colors holding hands and feet with the yin yang symbol in the center. This logo is a running theme in the artwork of Lisa's CDs because it truly expresses her belief in the connection of all people.

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