Solstar Tracks

Solstar ~ This is Lisa and her band *Solstar's* debut CD. Lisa calls the style "groove-rock". It's melodic rock with an edge you can groove to and lyrics that move you.

1. Let Go

Verse 1
Open up those tiny wings
And pretty soon you'll know so many things,
Your heart can hardly hold
Will heal the heart with broken strings.

Grab the hand that holds you so low down,
The one that keeps you there,
And push your hand up through the Earth
And grab the powers hand that you have found.

Line them up your fears and watch them all fall down,
Break on through the tears,
The floodgates tear them down.
Suddenly something grabs you inside and takes hold,
Think it's time that I Let Go

Verse 2
Tear the web that ties to your past,
The one that keeps you from yourself,
The one that holds you back,
Free yourself, protect that place.

Repeat Chorus
Open up those wings,
Reach out for the hand that sings to you,
Push up through the Earth and
Grab the powers hand that you have always had.
Repeat Chorus

2. I Remember You

Verse I ~
Why does it, always, come to this,
And I don't know where ya been.
Why do I, always, pay the price;
Before I even begin? Ohhh.....

Long white dress, big black horse, oh my eyes
And your no where to be found.
Waitin' for the knight to, lift me up,
But you only let me down. Ohhh...

Chorus ~
I Remember You
Take the heart that feeds ya nice.
I Remember You
Put it on the ground.
I Remember You
Take the heart, role the dice.
I Remember You
Now it's no where to be found.

Verse III ~
Remember days, not the, simple life,
But what really matters now;
Stop to smell the roses twice,
Once for me, once in case they drown. Ohhh...

To Chorus ~ End

3. Butterfly

Verse 1:
Don't say that I told ya... I'd warn ya
But it won't help no one
I know that what he sold ya...was no good...
He'll take ya to this place of culture...and tell ya that it's just what you need
When what ya need is not locked inside a room.

Breakout like a Butterfly (yeah)
Spread your wings your flyin' high (yeah)
Leave the past behind your minds eye

Verse 2:
Next thing that ya know he's gone... took all his things that say who he is
left you all alone...well that's good
So now you look your fingers through your hair
And realize that he was never...really there

Verse 3:
So open up the window, step out on your own and fly free
And find your Butterfly and find your home

Spread your wings oh oh Spread your wings oohhh

4. I Don't Owe You (Anything)

Verse 1
Where did you get that crazy idea of yours
You're closin' the doors
Of my heart
So now I guess well like you're outta here
Like I see you next year uh-huh

Take It all Away
Take It all
Take it all away

I don't owe you anything
Give me back my weddin' ring
All I ever did for you
Was for you
For you for you

Verse 2
So now you walk inside your heart you're not there
As if you don't care well uh-huh
You'd cross the line between your head and your heart
But you don't know where it starts uh-huh

To Bridge To Chorus

Take It A-Way
Take It All Away...

Verse 3
So now you want me just to stand by your side
Well like along for the ride
Well uh-huh
You stand there while you point your finger at me
Expect me to agree

9. Bye Bye

Verse 1
Ya didn't like it
When my hair came down
Around your face
Well I could see
Ya didn't want me around
So I packed up my things
Won't cramp your style
Left you a note
Didn't blink didn't turn around
I even smiled
And then I spoke I said

Bye-bye baby bye-bye
It's over
Bye-bye baby bye-bye
Bye-bye baby bye-bye

Verse 2
Grabbed the keys
Locked up my heart
And drove away
Drove through the night
'Till I broke through
To the day when I
Would never look back
'Cept to remind myself
That I didn't blink
Didn't turn around
I even smiled
And then I spoke I said

To Chorus

Say good-bye to your four leaf clover
No luck for me here
I say your streak is over
Didn't come here for this
Didn't mind then
Now it's over

To Chorus

10. In My Own Way

Verse I :
I know
Thought I'd be
So much more
So much hope
I know
I heard it all before
But you still let me go

Love's not really miles away
I'm not listening to a word you're saying
I'm just gettin' it wrong
In my own way

Verse II :
Blackest day
So much soul
I grab hold
I grab hold
I grab hold
Nothing there
Slippin' away yeah
Longest night and blackest day
Blackest day

To Chorus

I gotta see it straight
I just can't hesitate
But you just make me wait
That's when I say

Why don't you just get to it
Why can't you see me through it
Why won't you just listen to me
Whatever happened to this
Why can't we just get through it
What's in this whole damn thing for me

To Solo Outro:

11. Yeah

Verse I :
Take me back, into glory days
Fade to black, with your wicked ways
Blinded me, in your own good way
Yeah, in your own good way

Chorus: Yeah

Verse II :
Take me there, bring me up to date
I don't need so much from someone who is really there
Get out, of your own good way
Get out, Get out

To Chorus
Every time I say that I was never meant to win
Servin' up the future it's not mine
And when I say that I can only hold it in
I let it out, and learn to fly

To Chorus

To Solo

Improv. Verse: Out of your own good own, way
Out of your own good own good, wicked ways

To Chorus

To Improv. Verse

To Chorus

12. Illusion

Why are you tongue-tied, you gotta keep it all inside? (4 times)

Verse 1:
Ya know it may not happen anywhere,
Anyplace or anytime.
Ya know it may not be just anything.
All I see is all I find (2 times)

Beauty is just an Illusion
Look at that bitch over there.
It's soul deep,
That's my conclusion
Take a breath,
Look if ya dare;
Anywhere but there.

Verse II:
Concentrating on the universe;
I feel my third eye open wide.
I catch a glimpse of all that could be worse;
Tears of nature fill my eyes.
All I see is all I find

To Chorus...To Island...To Chorus...End

5. Gather 'Round

Verse 1:
Pass the bottle, nothin's makin' sense anyway
Come on over we will toast to my decay
Nothin' changes if nothin' changes anyway

Talk into the wind, words travel far
Say it once again, they know who you are
Right back 'round again, 'till the fear is gone again
Say it once again, once again
Gather'Round Isn't how it's s'possed to be
Gather'Round Sit right' round the learnin' tree
Pick a leaf, any color any size
Verse 2:
Money, oh oh baby Have we all gone crazy?
Traveled 'round here, finally where I'm s'possed to be

Wanna, get up and get out?
Is it, too late to get out?
Well then, get up and get out, and...

6. The Old Man Said
(For my brother, Stewy)

Verse I ~ I'm not so happy today.
I can't shake this feeling.
But I got nothin' to say,
'Cause every time I question it,
My mind has one reply;

Pre-Chorus ~ It says,
Shut-up little girl,
Ya got no control this time.

Chorus ~ Lay your weary head,
On my shoulder,
Is what The Old Man Said.
Lay your weary head,
Didn't know him,
didn't owe him,
Never saw him again.

Verse II ~ My songs they sing about
Some not so pretty, heavy stuff.
Shit I don't care ya see you've all been there enough.
Just tryin' to walk around but my head gets in the way;

To Pre-Chorus ~ Chorus ~ Island

Island ~ Daddy said,
"Little girl you'll need me until the day your dead.
You can't survive,
without my thoughts inside your head".
Well now sometimes I feel like all of that is real,
But then The Old Man speaks
And he clarifies the deal.
He says...

To Chorus Improv. (with "That's all ya need girl" and "I Understand Girl... Is what The Old Man Said") ~ End

7. It Will Be Alright

Verse 1:
Since day one, life's been a journey
Makin' it up as I go along
Reach out my hand and ya burn me
When will I learn where I belong, so I...

Pre chorus:
Look at your face, into your eyes
I can see through the truth through all the lies
Oh l see me in your truth, when I ask you why;
You say...

I don't know baby but It Will Be Alright...

Verse 2:
Don't look back just move on,
'Cause I know ya heard me
It's just that I can't see how it's gonna last
We all think we all know; we're all angry
We all need to dig in order to live, not run,
Not hide, not merely exist, so I...

8. Break the Chains

Verse 1:
I said to you yesterday, that I, that I wanted some space
You said to me, that I, that I was already out there
Lately it seems time, goes by, where there wasn't a trace...

Verse 2:
Season's have changed, summer to winter,
In the blink of an eye
Take on the rain, when your well has run dry...Come on

Breakin' the Chains...Untie me...
Breakin' Away...And fly free...
Breakin' the Chains...And fly away...

Verse 3:
Movin` along, long time, comin' the journey
Head to the heart, back to the soul...until I've arrived

I've been there, and
all I've seen, and
all I know, Is that I 'aint goin' back...


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