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Lisa's most recent release... A hand-picked blend of eclectic acoustic songs, this CD takes each song and creates the perfect backdrop of music to illustrate the lyric. Sit back and enjoy this thought and feeling provoking record.

1. Let Go

Open up those tiny wings
And pretty soon you'll know so many things,
Your heart can hardly hold
Will heal the heart with broken strings.

Grab the hand that holds you so low down,
The one that keeps you there,
And push your hand up through the Earth
And grab the powers hand that you have found.

Line them up your fears and watch them all fall down,
Break on through the tears,
The floodgates tear them down.
Suddenly something grabs you inside and takes hold,
Think it's time that I Let Go

Verse 2
Tear the web that ties to your past,
The one that keeps you from yourself,
The one that holds you back,
Free yourself, protect that place.

Repeat Chorus
Open up those wings,
Reach out for the hand that sings to you,
Push up through the Earth and
Grab the powers hand that you have always had.
Repeat Chorus

My Way

Verse I ~ Turn back the hands to father;
Time to go now sorry I can't stay.
All that's left here is the emptiness I once knew
Another game to play, well not today.

Pre-Chorus ~ So as I reach out to the highway,
To take me where I need to be;
I'll take myself along as I'd not done before
I'll do it My Way, My Way.

Chorus ~ This time around, my feet are on the ground;
Doin' it My Way, My Way. (Repeat)

Verse II ~ Left my home it no longer housed me;
Packed my soul up said, "I have all I need".
Traveled light then let all of it surround me;
I put the fear away;
Said not today.
To Chorus ~ Interlude ~ Pre-Chorus ~ Chorus Improv. ~ End

Don't Crawl

Verse I ~ Ah, just a sea of colour,
As the early winds have broken.
It's not just the leaves ya fall on;
It might be the words you've spoken.

And take me back, take me back
To the early winds you spoke of.
And take me back, take me back
To another life, another way.
Chorus ~ Don't Crawl,
To the place that's right in front of you.
Don't Call,
To the place that gives you no survival.

Verse II ~ Toss around, turn around,
As the early moon surrounds you.
And turn around, toss around
At the thought of only you and you.
To Chorus ~ To Island

Island ~ Many happy people,
Under your evil wings of justice.
Well who am I to take you all
On an everlasting oh so hassling ride?
To find my answer lies inside.

To Verse II ~ To Chorus ~ To Island ~ To Chorus Improv. ~ End


Verse I ~ Why can't everytime you say that you love me;
Why don't ya try to make it right?
You say, that it's up to me, make it alright,
I say, hey, no way.

Pre-Chorus ~ You just don't understand.
Come on take my hand.

Chorus ~ We will fly away (we will fly away)
Come on take my hand (come on take my hand)
Come on baby Stay
Come on baby Stay, Stay, Stay, Stay...

Verse II ~ Night time, hey it's getting' late, but it's alright;
'Cause I'll still be comin' home to you.
Couldn't say that I seen ya much but God you got a hold on me;
You're touch Oh oh oh, oooh.

Pre-Chorus ~ Chorus Improv. ~ End

Don't Matter No More

Verse I ~ See ya later. Were we only havin' fun?
Maybe I misjudged you; maybe I'm the one.
Are ya goin' my way; or do ya have to stop and run?
Maybe I misjudged you; maybe I'm the one.

Chorus ~ Don't Matter No More, matter no more, it's done.
Don't Matter No More, matter no more, been fun.
Verse II ~ Where ya goin'; See we've only just begun?
Maybe I misjudged you; maybe I'm the one.
All this disappearin'; Hey am I the only one?
Maybe I misjudged you; maybe I'm the one.

To Chorus ~ To Island

Island ~ Spend my time, give my all;
Tell me why, don't I see;
Why I think, that you can;
Give you're all, set me free?
Tell me now, that I don't;
See it all, very clear.
Call my name, set it straight;
Baby don't let me fear.

To Chorus 2xx ~ End



11. Away

Verse I ~ Stormy seas;
In the middle of the night.
Lonely pleas;
Oh I know it isn't right.
What's it gonna take,
To get it through to you?
Another lonely night?
Spanish eyes;
In the middle of the night.
Restelss cries;
Oh I know it isn't right.
What's it gonna take,
To get it throught to you?
Another lonely night?

Chorus ~ Tears in your heart,
Don't fall apart.
Take my love Away. (Repeat)

Verse II ~ Gone away;
In the middle of the night.
Travel through the night, know it isn't right;
Well I can't stay;
'Cause I know it isn't right.
Another lonely night.

To Chorus ~ End

12. Mama
(For my mom, Vickie)

Verse I ~ When I was young and breakin' through, and tellin' lies,
You saw.
When I was old and breakin' down, ya hung around;
I cried.
When I could not go on again,
My heart was broke,
My head was in your hands.
When all was lost and everything was made to last,
Your gone.

Chorus ~ Mama

Verse II ~ When all the rain had fallen,
And all was lost,
I felt your hand.
I felt you there
You came around,
You came around,
The breeze runs through my hair.

To Chorus Verse III ~ And now the past is cast aside,
Your love it lasts,
Inside my heart.
We part only in flesh
But not at heart
Your spirit lives on in my dreams.
This is the dream I bring to you,
To touch,
Like I've been touched before.
Take it and cast it on the ones
Who touch your heart,
That's what your soul is for.

To Chorus ~ End

We All

Verse 1:
We All, rise.
We All, fall.
We All, search
We All...

We All, fail
We All, succeed.
We All, know,

We All, close our eyes.
We should, shut our mouths.
We are so wise.
We All.

And through it all,
We All wonder what is real;
When pinchin' myself
Can't make me feel;
And after I realize
It's all been done;
I try and try it differently
Still I haven't won.

Verse 2:
We All need.
We All hide fear.
We All have loved.
We All.

We All cry inside.
We should cry out loud.
Suffer, no more;

To Chorus To Improv. Verse

14. I Have Now

Verse 1
Sister, sister, where you been all my life?
Didn't think I had one, now you're gone
You never came up in conversation
You didn't last very long

But you were, perfect timing, all I needed
And I thank God, for all your sweetness
The dream I just had, gave me something
That I never had, and that's the one thing I have now
Verse 2
Sister, sister, where you been all my life?
Don't remember you in my house
Took me all these years just to finally let you inside
Welcome home and come on out

All my life, in my heart
There you were, in my mirror
Only see your smile in the dark
And now I'm not alone, and you're not a stranger


Then, oh, oh, I have now, oh oh, I have now


Verse 1:
Don't say that I told ya... I'd warn ya
But it won't help no one
I know that what he sold ya...was no good...
He'll take ya to this place of culture...and tell ya that it's just what you need
When what ya need is not locked inside a room.

Breakout like a Butterfly (yeah)
Spread your wings your flyin' high (yeah)
Leave the past behind your minds eye

Verse 2:
Next thing that ya know he's gone... took all his things that say who he is
left you all alone...well that's good
So now you look your fingers through your hair
And realize that he was never...really there

Verse 3:
So open up the window, step out on your own and fly free
And find your Butterfly and find your home

Spread your wings oh oh Spread your wings oohhh

6. Wake Up

Verse I ~ I don't like, what you say.
Speaking in, tongues again, yeah.
Watch out, for, what you mean.
Watch out for me today, yeah.

Pre-Chorus ~ Ya build it up to build it up, baby.
Ya take the ride just to see, maybe.
That what ya say will make ya free
When all it's done is harm ya see.
Everything in front of me's changin'.

Chorus ~ Wake Up, Wake Up baby.
Open your heart to to the truth.
Wake Up, Wake Up baby.
Wake Up Wake Up baby please.
Verse II ~ I don't like, getting' by.
I know the, reasons why yeah.
But that, don't, change a thing.
Only I hear me cry, yeah.

To Pre-Chorus ~ To Chorus ~ To Island

Island ~ And the torrents of rain comin' down on me;
I should've sent them to you.
But what ya didn't know now that I've known for so long;
Now it's up, to you.

To Chorus ~ End

7. The Old Man Said (For my brother, Stewy)

Verse I ~ I'm not so happy today.
I can't shake this feeling.
But I got nothin' to say,
'Cause every time I question it,
My mind has one reply;

Pre-Chorus ~ It says,
Shut-up little girl,
Ya got no control this time.

Chorus ~ Lay your weary head,
On my shoulder,
Is what The Old Man Said.
Lay your weary head,
Didn't know him,
didn't owe him,
Never saw him again.

Verse II ~ My songs they sing about
Some not so pretty, heavy stuff.
Shit I don't care ya see you've all been there enough.
Just tryin' to walk around but my head gets in the way;

To Pre-Chorus ~ Chorus ~ Island

Island ~ Daddy said,
"Little girl you'll need me until the day your dead.
You can't survive,
without my thoughts inside your head".
Well now sometimes I feel like all of that is real,
But then The Old Man speaks
And he clarifies the deal.
He says...

To Chorus Improv. (with "That's all ya need girl" and "I Understand Girl... Is what The Old Man Said") ~ End


Verse I ~ Somethin's happenin';
Deep inside my mind.
Heart is thumpin'
In time.
Crazy times,
Pass me by.
It's not when or how or why.

Chorus ~ Well it's You, baby;
In the heat of a neon light.
Well it's You, baby,
In the night.

Verse II ~ Here comes mornin'.
It's so bright I can't hardly see.
All I see is...

To Chorus ~ To Island

Island ~ Under the moon and the stars
In the heat of a neon light and I don't have to...
Be right, be wrong,
'Cause ya know this is where I belong.
Be light,
And all I need is...

To Chorus Improv. ~ End

9. Bye Bye

Verse 1
Ya didn't like it
When my hair came down
Around your face
Well I could see
Ya didn't want me around
So I packed up my things
Won't cramp your style
Left you a note
Didn't blink didn't turn around
I even smiled
And then I spoke I said

Bye-bye baby bye-bye
It's over
Bye-bye baby bye-bye
Bye-bye baby bye-bye

Verse 2
Grabbed the keys
Locked up my heart
And drove away
Drove through the night
'Till I broke through
To the day when I
Would never look back
'Cept to remind myself
That I didn't blink
Didn't turn around
I even smiled
And then I spoke I said

To Chorus

Say good-bye to your four leaf clover
No luck for me here
I say your streak is over
Didn't come here for this
Didn't mind then
Now it's over

To Chorus

I'm Not Comin' Home

Verse I ~ Walked on summer days,
Along the streets alone.
As the summer wind flew past the stars came out,
Followed me home.
Walked on solid ground,
Before the sun went down.
Now the evening,
It is cold.
Dark with danger
Along the streets alone,
Where the frightened are never found.

Chorus ~ You cry
"Carry Me,
Won't ya please?
My feet are torn and tired".
Won't ya listen please;
'Cause I'm Not Comin' Home.
Don't say, "Come to me; I'm listening",
'Cause you can't be around,
No you're not listening,
And I'm Not Comin' Home.
I'm Not Comin' Home.

Verse II ~ Walked on to a place,
Where everything was warm;
Where the evenings never come.
You cry, "Stay, my only one is gone"!
But I'm Not Comin' Home.
No I'm Not Comin' Home.

To Chorus Improv. ~ End

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